• 小卢(Miss Lu)
    小卢(Miss Lu)
  • 小赵(Miss Zhao)
    小赵(Miss Zhao)
  • 小夏(Miss Xia)
    小夏(Miss Xia)
  • 看球吧jrs直播吧光明电子线材有限公司

    Professional technology

    Our company has strong technical force, strict management, advanced production equipment and testing equipment, and excellent workmanship.

    Superior quality

    In line with high starting point, high quality, achieve the purpose of the brand, we focus on producing high quality aluminium wire, high aluminum content, good quality, well received by new and old customers at home and abroad.

    Brand effect

    Bright electronics is committed to building a world-renowned brand and achieving international excellence.


    Honesty is the foundation of our company, we will create the brand name, hope the new customers will go hand in hand and develop together.

    Insist on innovation

    Product design ideas are unique and novel.At the same time, we will improve the technology, learn and introduce the advanced technology in the world.

    Enterprise values

    Success comes from strategy, excellence comes from management, product comes from character, and status comes from doing.

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